Apple’s M1 Max chip Premiere running score was announced: performance close to R9-5950X

Apple’s M1 Pro and M1 Max chips have been officially released, and are used in the latest MacBook Pro 14/16 notebooks.

The M1 Max chip integrates a 10-core CPU and a 32-core GPU, with a total of 57 billion transistors, a memory bandwidth of 400GB/s, and a maximum of 64GB LPDDR5 memory. The CPU and GPU can be shared.

According to the foreign media TomsHardware news, the running score of this chip running Adobe Premiere Pro was officially exposed, showing strong performance.

The test uses the “PugetBench” tool in Premiere Pro 15.4.1, which can evaluate the performance of the CPU, GPU, and dedicated media engine from multiple aspects.

In terms of overall performance, the M1 Max standard score is 1168 points, higher than the 467 points of the M1 chip, surpassing the i9-11900H, and close to Intel i9-11900K and AMD R9-5950X. This test comprehensively examines the actual performance of the processor and GPU, which is close to the real workload situation.

In terms of content playback, the Apple M1 Max scored 161 points, the highest in the game, exceeding the 144.8 points of the i9-11900K. Standard Live Playback score, M1 Max score as high as 219.7 points, surpassing the 187.2 points of i9-11900K.

Apple’s M1 Max chip’s graphics card has a total of 4096 stream processors, compared to NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 mobile graphics card with 3840 stream processors and RTX 3080 mobile version with 6,144.

In terms of special effects scores, M1 Max scored 68.6 points, RTX 3060 scored 63.1 points, and RTX 3080 scored 68.4 points. It is worth noting that the Nvidia RTX 3080 Ti desktop graphics card scored 111.3 points in this project.

In terms of export performance “Export”, the Apple M1 Max lags behind the i7-11800H mobile processor, as well as the desktop processors from Intel and AMD.

According to the media, the export test not only examines the CPU, but also depends on the GPU for the processing of many special effects. Therefore, the performance of this chip is not as good as that of a computer equipped with an RTX 30 series discrete graphics card.

The performance of Apple’s M1 Max chip in Premiere software is very good. It surpassed notebooks equipped with Intel i9-11900H processor and NVIDIA RTX 3080 mobile graphics card in the comprehensive test project, but it is not as good as the models above RTX 3060 in terms of GPU performance.

The most powerful feature of the Apple M1 Pro/Max is that it can provide performance beyond Windows gaming notebooks while significantly reducing power consumption.

In addition, its built-in media processing engine, ProRes professional video codec, can also provide acceleration for video editing.