Apple’s new patent: Use AR glasses to control iPhone screen output to protect privacy

The United States Patent and Trademark Office announced a new patent filed by Apple this week that reveals a privacy feature designed to control the content displayed on the iPhone through special glasses in order to protect privacy.

The patent application is a system that can display “visual correction graphic output and standard graphic output” on electronic devices, and the keyword is “privacy glasses”.

Interestingly, one of the features described in the patent is “privacy glasses”, which can prevent people around you from seeing the content on your device screen, because the only way to view the screen content is through glasses.

If the user does not want people nearby to view the content presented on the phone screen, this patent can make the graphic output illegible.


There have been rumors that Apple is developing its own AR device, and this feature may become a selling point of the product.

In addition to the new privacy technology, Apple seems to be developing profiles for Face ID.

This patent describes another system that can distinguish the unique details of a user’s face, such as hairstyles, beards, beards, glasses, no glasses, reading glasses, sunglasses, etc.

Some people speculate that this may be in preparation for adding Face ID to the Mac in the future.

Of course, it should be noted that Apple will not necessarily use its patents in future products. Because of the principle of confidentiality, they will not mention these in advance.