Upgraded M1X+Mini LED! New MacBook Pro is ready to be launched

As rumors about the upcoming M1X MacBook Pro continue to heat up, new MacBook models running macOS 12 Monterey have appeared in Eurasian Economic Commission documents.

Although there are many Mac models on the list, most of them are just updates for the macOS software coming out this fall. On the other hand, the models of A2442 and A2485 do not match any existing Macs.


With the M1X chip, it is rumored that the new MacBook Pro will be more powerful, bringing a 1080p FaceTime camera, eliminating the Touch Bar panel, and adding more ports, such as HDMI, microSD, and the new MagSafe charging port.

In terms of design, it is said that the new MacBook Pro will adopt a brand-new appearance design.

According to the latest news, Apple’s MacBook Pro and Mac Mini will be available in the fourth quarter of this year, and these two devices will be equipped with M1X chips. According to the details previously disclosed, M1X will be equipped with 10 cores, of which 8 cores are responsible for high-performance computing, and the remaining 2 will focus on low power consumption.


Previously, a blogger shared the intelligence of the M1X processor and revealed that it is expected to be released on the MacBook Pro updated at WWDC. The CPU is upgraded to 10 cores, of which the MacBook Pro 14 integrates a 16-core GPU, and the MacBook Pro 16 integrates a 32-core GPU. The power consumption is 20 watts and 40 watts, respectively.

Based on the running scores of the GFXBench 5.0 Aztec @1440p scene, M1X (16-core GPU) is expected to be 110+ FPS, and M1X (32-core GPU) is expected to be 170+ FPS. Comparing M1, GTX 1650, Radeon Pro 5500M, RTX 3070, etc., you can find that the 32-core graphics performance is comparable to RTX 3070 (notebook).


It cannot be ignored that the power consumption of the RTX 3070 notebook graphics card is 80~125 watts, and the M1X is more than half lower.