Apple’s new product launch conference is scheduled for April 20 with new iPad Pro and iPad mini to be launched

Apple has just announced that they will hold a new product launch conference online at 10:00 AM on April 20, PDT. It is very possible that they will launch a new iPad this time.

Apple’s spring new product launch conference is not as regular as the autumn iPhone conference in September. The time, products, and release methods are different from year to year.

Judging from the current signs, there should be at least two new products at this conference.


One is the new iPad Pro.

It is possible to upgrade the A14 series derivative processors, such as A14X or A14Z, to improve GPU graphics performance. At the same time, 5G is added to the iPad product line for the first time. It is also expected to be equipped with a mini-LED screen with a better display effect and lower energy consumption, but it may only be possible for the 12.9 inches.


The second is iPad mini 6.

The iPad mini line has not been updated for two years, and the change is not large each time. This time it may be slightly expanded from a 7.9-inch screen to an 8.0-inch screen, with a larger screen-to-body ratio, and an upgraded processor, but the overall style is basically the same. , Such as the Home button, Touch ID fingerprint recognition, and Lightning interface.

In addition, it has been rumored for a long time that the AirTag anti-lost tracker may finally come. This round metal piece product that slightly larger than a coin can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or UWB ultra-wideband, and it can be tied to a school bag or key chain. It can track iPhone to avoid loss.

There is also a new generation of Apple TV set-top boxes and third-generation AirPods earphones, which may also be released, but the probability is not as high as that of the iPad.