Apple’s new product plan: AirPods 3 is confirmed to be released this year while AirPods Pro 2 may be launched in 2022

Not long ago, Apple held a spring new product launch conference and brought brand-new iMac, iPad Pro, AirTag, and other products, but the new AirPods that the outside world expected did not appear as expected.

It is even doubtful whether Apple has decided to abandon the regular AirPods product line directly after the launch of AirPods Pro and no longer launch new products.

However, a person familiar with the matter recently dispelled this concern for everyone. He exposed Apple’s internal planning for headset products, revealing that Apple will update AirPods this year, and will launch AirPods Pro 2 next year.

Now, the majority of Apple fans can rest assured, and previous rumors that AirPods 3 will bring huge changes are also very much looking forward to.

It is reported that AirPods 3 has a lot of changes in appearance compared with the previous two generations. The overall shape is integrated into the design language of AirPods Pro. It adopts a semi-in-ear solution. The overall shape is more ergonomic and should bring a more comfortable wearing experience.

In addition to the appearance changes, AirPods 3 will also usher in a major upgrade in terms of functionality. It is reported that it is expected to join the ANC active noise reduction function, but because it does not use a better-enclosed in-ear design, the noise reduction effect is relatively weaker than AirPods Pro.

It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the semi-in-ear design, it has a more comfortable wearing experience than AirPods Pro and is more suitable for long-term use.

In terms of the selling price, industry insiders predict that the price of this new AirPods headset may between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, which can effectively fill the gap in the market between the two and occupy more users.