AR Glasses is coming? Type-C is True? Apple announced today!

Apple finally ushered in its autumn conference, and the slogan of this conference is super-forward.Anyone who knows Apple should know that Apple’s invitations are all prepared. Let’s take a look at how to interpret this event.

The slogan means

There are many stars around this huge “black hole” occupying the middle C position. Surrounding the Apple black hole logo are not stars, but galaxies like the Milky Way.

It looks a lot like the deep space of the universe captured by the famous flagship of the year’s strongest image – “Webb Telescope”.

Although Webb’s photo is large and clear, it seems to contain the entire sky. But in fact, it is only a small pixel in the entire night sky. I think this is a metaphor for this year’s iPhone 14, which is equipped with a 48-megapixel main camera, which can take extremely high-definition and high-resolution photos. After all, the iPhone has always been criticized, that is, the photos cannot be enlarged, and the details are too poor.

In fact, the whole poster is bright. Not only that, but there is also a possibility, which also revolves around the theme of the universe. It is the so-called “satellite communication” function that was not equipped with the “satellite communication” function last year, that is, even in the absence of 4G and 5G signals, the mobile phone can still communicate through satellite communication. Come and make a call online.
At the same time, it can also be used in emergency situations, using satellite communication to send out SOS distress signals to facilitate contact with search and rescue personnel.

There may have been no follow-up because of the cost or the maturity that did not meet Apple’s requirements. But just some time ago, MediaTek has completed 5G NTN satellite phone communication, which seems to imply that it is not far from the real popularization.

At the same time, some people speculate that this picture is using the strong contrast between the stars and the dark night, suggesting the upcoming “screen-off and always-on display” function. However, this should not be implied, the iOS 16 system has built-in programs, and it is just about to be released.

And the maverick logo hole in the starry sky seems to be evidence that the iPhone 14 will be equipped with a hole-digging screen design. This idea is really interesting.

As for this “super-forward-looking”, what is it?Is it technology foresight or design foresight?
Think about it carefully, although over the years, the iPhone has always been criticized for not being forward-looking, innovative, and leading. But in fact, the iPhone has always been ahead of its peers and can be called black technology.
Once this black technology can be said to be Taptic Engine linear motor, when friends and merchants are using rotor motors, the user experience of iPhone is far ahead.

Or Face ID supported by 3D structured light, which can have a safer and faster way to pay and unlock.
But over time, these are no longer new. Linear motors have been basically popularized, and 3D structured light has also become something that friends and businessmen have played, but they have not played much.

Will there be AR glasses?

For now, the only thing I don’t have on the iPhone is the one on the rear lens module, the LiDAR lidar. Although the lidar has been equipped for several years, it only stays at the edge of portrait shooting and the length of the rangefinder. But it is undeniable that these are all Apple’s experiments in the field of AR.

And there have been substantial developments in other areas as well. As currently, in some areas that support full-featured Apple Maps, it is already possible to use AR to navigate on foot.

So, will Apple really launch AR glasses this year?
It seems…not likely either.
According to previous revelations by Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple will not be able to launch AR devices until 2025 at the earliest, and there is not much news about shipments from the supply chain. So, let’s stay in suspense and wait until the official launch of Apple’s conference on September 8, and then we will reveal it~
In comparison, the new machine that has already revealed the news is more interesting.
For example, the much-anticipated AirPods Pro II.

Recent revelations show that the second-generation AirPods Pro will be equipped with motion sensors, which can be used for fitness tracking with Apple Watch and iPhone.

At the same time, it will also adopt the latest Bluetooth audio base technology standard – low-power audio LE Audio, which is Apple’s first wireless headset that supports lossless sound quality. Moreover, the extremely advanced Type-C interface will also come to AirPods Pro.

Or, it is the iPad 10 that finally ushered in a major change. According to the CAD drawings exposed some time ago, it can be seen that the newly designed iPad digital series of the ship will cancel the rounded back cover design that has been used for more than ten years, and add a right-angle frame to the family bucket.

At the same time, the screen will also be increased to 10.5 inches, and then the old stock of A14 processors will be cleared.

Type-C is True?

Of course, the most important thing is that the iPad 10 will also use the Type-C interface.

So, if nothing else, this year will be the first year for Apple to switch to the Type-C interface, if the revelations that the iPad and AirPods Pro are equipped with the Type-C interface are true.

Perhaps, we can see the iPhone 15 with Type-C interface at the press conference next year as soon as possible.

The above is all the conjectures about the invitation letter for this conference.

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