Are folding screen phones really easy to use?

Recently, smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei and Honor have successively released foldable screen mobile phones. With the addition of Xiaomi, the newly entered OPPO, and the international brand Samsung, which launched folding screens earlier, folding screen smartphones are forming a trend.

But are folding screen phones really easy to use?

Is it worth it now?

How to break through the creases and other problems that are complained about?

Can the price come down?

Folding screen comes with “traffic”
Become a marketing hotspot
Liu Xu, general manager of CCID Consulting’s Digital Economy Industry Research Center, believes that whoever can come up with products that are advanced and accepted by users can lead the future of the market. Just like the previous full screen, the folding screen has its own “traffic”, which has naturally become the marketing hotspot and competition field of smartphone manufacturers at this stage.

Ma Jihua, a senior observer in the communications industry, told reporters, “Everyone wants to be the first in the folding screen. At the same time, making a folding screen is also a mass production process for a concept phone, which can show its own higher-end brand image.”

“Folding screen mobile phones are an important mobile phone category.” Fu Liang, a senior observer in the communications industry, told reporters, “Folding screen mobile phones will undoubtedly help increase the number of users covered by mobile phones. While enhancing the popularity of mobile phone brands, it can also stimulate Sales of low-end brands.


Creases and failures become user pain points
Technology is not yet fully mature

​​But at present, consumers generally report that the folding screen mobile phone screen is seriously creased, and the screen replacement cost is too high. Industry insiders believe that screen creases, display failures, cracks, etc. are also an important reason why current folding screen mobile phones are still relatively small.​​

“As long as it is a folding screen, there will be creases.” Ma Jihua believes that there is no complete solution to the crease problem.

“In my opinion, the technological maturity of folding screen mobile phones is about 70%, and whether it can become a trend of smartphones in the future remains to be considered.” Liu Xu said, “Although the technical level related to folding screen mobile phones is gradually improving, the market It is still immature, and it may take another two years to popularize.”
​Liu Xu believes that, on the one hand, for electronic products, price is a major indicator of maturity. Now the minimum price of folding screen mobile phones on the market is nearly 8,000 yuan, and it can easily be tens of thousands of yuan or even higher. If the price cannot be made more accessible to the people, it will be difficult to achieve the acceptance and share of a mature product in the consumer market based on the current level of acceptance.

On the other hand, judging whether an electronic product is mature or not can reflect its competitive landscape. At present, mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and VIVO have not yet entered the market. The market share of Xiaomi, OPPO and other manufacturers is still very weak. Samsung and Huawei are the two mainstream manufacturers. Manufacturers are still improving their technologies and processes to overcome user experience pain points. This is obviously not the market form that a mature product should have.


High cost leads to high price

Price cuts are inevitable but not soon

Liu Xu analyzed that the main reason for the expensive folding screen mobile phone is the high cost. In order to match the high-end “human design”, most of its CPUs, cameras, etc. use top-level configurations, and the cost of the mobile phone screen itself will account for more than 30% of the cost of the whole machine. The flexible screen of folding screen mobile phones is limited by technology and production capacity, and the cost is even higher. high. In addition, the production of hinges and the development of adaptive APPs all require higher costs than full-screen mobile phones. In addition, the current mass production scale of folding screen mobile phones is not enough, and the price is naturally relatively high.
​​”Taking OPPO Find N as an example, the starting price is 7,699 yuan. Although it has broken the situation that domestic folding screen mobile phones cost 10,000 yuan, it is still not a popular price. According to the current pricing of folding screen mobile phones and the market rules of electronic products Judging, price reduction is inevitable, but not very soon.” Liu Xu believes that it is expected that this year’s folding screen mobile phones will still be dominated by the high-end market, and there will not be too many folding screen mobile phones to choose from in the low-end market. After another one to two years, with the gradual release of flexible screen production capacity, the continuous reduction of costs and the continuous maturity of technology, the price of folding screen mobile phones will usher in a relatively large drop. It is recommended that ordinary consumers without special needs, Start then.