Armani “Master” blue air cushion, electro-optical blue with metallic texture


The new “Master” blue cushion is another masterpiece of Armani beauty. It innovatively uses a cream texture and is paired with a special cushion puff to make the skin appear flawless and radiant. It is a pioneer in the new generation of beauty. The new “Master” blue air cushion adopts the iconic packaging of the Armani “Master” series, and is packaged in an extremely exquisite blue metallic shell with a silver brand LOGO.



The new “Master” blue air cushion has led the air cushion industry since its launch, breaking the traditional form of filling the air cushion with liquid foundation into a sponge, and innovatively putting the cream texture and mesh fabric into the air cushion. The texture of the innovative cream is more mellow than the traditional air cushion foundation. In addition, the powerful sunscreen ingredients contained in the formula can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays for a long time. The UVA protection time is up to 8 hours, and the UVB blocking rate is as high as 97.5. % (SPF 40/PA++), so this cushion can not only hide skin imperfections, but also prevent UV damage. Glycerin and hyaluronic acid can lock moisture into the skin. The above multiple ingredients are integrated into the hollow powder to form a unique milk essence of more than 30%, which is freshly sealed in the powder and cream, and the moisturizing power is doubled after activation.


The uniqueness lies in the delicate mesh fabric made of the finest Italian fabrics, which are made in three ways of connection. The mesh air cushion design can effectively prevent the liquid foundation from losing moisture and prevent impurities from depositing on the surface of the air cushion.


As a base makeup product with a refreshing texture and the highest UV protection in Armani history, it is equipped with a special air cushion puff with a pointed and round head design, which can effectively fit the edges and corners of the face, with a soft texture and a smooth touch. It is also tied with a moderately wide ribbon, which is easy and comfortable to use, and only needs a light touch to paint. At the same time, it can also ensure that the amount of liquid foundation is moderate, so that it can be evenly distributed on the skin, taking care of all corners of the face, and the wide color band with the brand logo can be firmly fixed and free to control the loading process.



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