Claimed to bake the best bread in the world: BALMUDA The Toaster

Japan’s BALMUDA is a very interesting company, from time to time with some novel small designs to please the public. For example, this The Toaster toaster was eye-catching when it was released in May. Recently, a new color-matching limited gray version has been added, which is in line with the simple home decoration design. Those who love toast may wish to take a look.


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The most ingenious part of The Toaster is that it has a “add water” position at the top of the machine. Although it looks like a small change, it has brought a big change. When the toaster starts to use, the additional water in the water injection hole covers the surface of the bread with a layer of moisture film through scientific principles, the surface of the bread is not easy to burn, and the deliciousness of the bread is firmly locked. The toasted bread is golden and even, and the aroma is overflowing. The unfrozen butter can also be directly applied to the freshly baked bread. The combination of the two will be more delicious due to the sufficient temperature. Not only toast, but French toast and croissants that are not easily toasted can also be easily handled.


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