As rumors, New MacBook Pro claims UHS-II SD card reader, RAM capped at 32 GB

The MacBook Pro rumor mill is firing on all cylinders, and some people are adding more to the pile.

UHS-II card readers are rated for read speeds of up to 312 MB/s, roughly three times faster than the UHS-I readers found in most laptops. The Apple Macbook Air and MacBook Pros of 2015 are the last Apple laptops to have an SD card reader, and these machines’ average read speeds landed between 75-90 MB/s.

While the addition of a fast SD card reader is good news, news also reported a disappointing rumor: the next MacBook Pros may be limited to 32 GB of RAM. While this may sound like more than enough RAM for most people, IT professionals and videographers that demand loads of RAM may be frustrated with the highest-end laptop from Apple.


It should be noted that other rumors have stated that the new MacBook Pros will cap out at 64 GB of RAM. Additionally, Apple sells MacBook Pros with up to 64 GB of RAM as of press time.

It also reports that the Touch ID sensor on the upcoming MacBook Pros will have a backlight. People hope that Apple will program animations and light patterns into this rumored backlight to highlight notifications, logins, and other things. 

As with all rumors, these should be taken with a grain of salt. As we get closer to a potential launch of whatever Apple is cooking up for the MacBook Pro line, rumors will swirl faster and faster. It doesn’t routinely put out rumors about Apple products, so caution should be exercised.