Attention! Bros, OPPO has just released a new technology, your phone will be more neat

I believe that netizens who are familiar with Android phones understand that whether the daily mobile phone is used smoothly or not is inseparable from the storage. The larger the storage, the smoother the mobile phone.

At present, most new flagship Android phones will be equipped with large memory comparable to computers, such as 12GB or even 16GB, but what should old users do if they don’t want to change their phones and want to use large memory?

A few days ago, it was reported that OPPO’s memory expansion technology will be launched soon, which can be adapted to mobile phones including the OPPO Reno5 series and A series.

It is understood that OPPO’s memory expansion technology supports up to 7GB expansion. On the Reno5 series of phones with the highest true 12GB large storage memory at the same price, it can realize 7GB of running memory expansion, and the equivalent running memory can reach up to 19GB.

It is worth mentioning that OPPO’s memory expansion technology supports three-speed adjustment.

Users can not only manually switch the memory expansion function freely, but also manually adjust the size of the memory expansion according to their own needs.

Judging from the launch time and plan of the exposure, the earliest model to be launched is Reno5 K, which will be launched on April 7th, and the latest model to be launched is Reno5 Pro+, which will be launched on June 5.

Users who meet the phone adaptation can open About phone in the phone settings, click on the running memory to enter the memory expansion, select the expansion size as needed, and restart the phone after selection.

It is reported that the memory expansion technology is an auxiliary function. In the process of using the mobile phone, when the running memory is insufficient, a part of the storage space can be called and temporarily used as the running memory.