Black Shark participates in the 2021 ChinaJoy creative exhibition area to create a new play experience

On July 30, 2021 China International Digital Interactive Entertainment Exhibition (ChinaJoy) opened at Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Every ChinaJoy has become the vane of the development of the digital entertainment industry in my country and the world, and is a high-quality display platform for the world’s top digital entertainment products and cutting-edge technologies.

As a player in the gaming mobile phone industry, Black Shark Technology will naturally not be absent. This time, Black Shark brought many fun-filled gaming experiences to the players at the E4-07 booth of the Qualcomm Snapdragon Theme Pavilion.

At the exhibition area, 12 sweet and lovely Coser incarnations of Black Shark Technology’s popular IP game assistant-the cute little shark interacted closely with the players.

Cute Shark is a brand new smart game assistant released with the Black Shark 4 series of gaming phones.

As a gaming mobile phone manufacturer that understands players best, Black Shark personifies the functions of traditional game assistants and incorporates the two-dimensional animation elements that game players love.

Let the cute little shark become a game partner who can accompany the player all the time.

The cute little shark can not only assist players intimately in the game, but also a virtual partner in daily life, charging assistants and wake-up services in every possible way.

The upcoming desktop goddess function allows the cute little shark to appear on the phone desktop at any time, inseparable from the players.

The 2021 flagship game mobile phone Black Shark 4 series also attracted countless players to experience it.

The Black Shark 4 series of gaming phones is the flagship professional gaming phone released by Black Shark Technology in March this year. It has achieved a good level in multiple dimensions such as control, audio and video, battery life, performance, and heat dissipation.

The magnetic power lifting shoulder button that comes standard with all Black Shark 4 series can be said to be the most concerned function of players. Black Shark uses the physical shoulder buttons of the mechanical lifting structure to create a ceiling-level control experience for gaming phones.

The magnetic power lifting shoulder key of the Black Shark 4 series adopts a new multi-pole magnetic drive structure design scheme, which has a faster lifting speed and a longer service life.

Two solid shoulder buttons with a pressing force of 160g provide an excellent feel. In addition, at the level of software optimization, the performance of the physical shoulder key is fully released.

For example, the player can separately map the shoulder button pressing and lifting, and can easily realize the four-finger or even six-finger operations such as opening the mirror and shooting at the same time.