Boys will be extremely happy when receiving these 10 Valentine’s Day gifts! The appearance and practicality are significant!


Valentine’s Day is coming soon, don’t you know that the lovers are ready for Valentine’s Day gifts? Girls who are still worried about what gifts to give can consider the following gift recommendation list! Not only the CP value and practicality are pretty high, but it is also very great to give away! Finally, it is better to choose the gift type according to the preference of the object! Come and take a look!

1. Perfume

Whether for boys or girls, perfume can be said to be the most decent gift. Of course, the premise is that your target likes or does not reject fragrance products. Because of the epidemic situation, if it is not convenient to go out to the counter to purchase, you can also choose to buy at an online store that sells genuine products. For example, SHINS in Lazada is a regular store (also has a website) and is not afraid to buy fakes!

Recommended men’s fragrance:



  • Versace Pour Homme


  • Hugo Boss


Price: RM59-RM699

Purchase link: click here

2. Smart speaker

When it comes to smart home helpers, one of them will come to mind-smart speakers. In addition to Google Nest Mini and Amazon’s Alexa options, this Mi smart speaker may also become the new favorite of technology enthusiasts! The Mi smart speaker is equipped with Google Assistant this time, so it can also be commanded “Hey Google”. If the sound quality of smart speakers is leveraged! If you have a device supported by Xiaomi/Google Home at home, you can also use this smart speaker control.

Price: RM175

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3. Mini wireless vacuum cleaner

This mini vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi also has a compact body and a multi-functional cleaning brush head that supports all wireless dust removal activities. Because of the body shape, it is also very suitable for cleaning the dust and debris in the car; the daily cleaning of the living environment is no problem!

Price: RM199

Purchase link:click here


4. Shaver

The Soocas razor, which became very popular as soon as it was launched, is not only beautiful in appearance, but also very practical! A razor can also become a face wash with four modes! The appearance of the razor has a battery display, and the dark green appearance makes it bursting with texture~ and this razor has IPX 7 waterproof function, which can be used for up to 2 months on a single charge. It is a stylish and practical gift!


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5.Bluetooth speaker

If your subject does not have much interest in smart speakers, you can choose a regular but good-quality JBL Bluetooth speaker. Without smart functions, JBL GO3, which focuses on sound quality, has a variety of color matching styles and a small square appearance. It’s easy to carry, but also very textured!

Price: RM299

Purchase link: click here


6. Driving recorder

For some people, the driving recorder may be optional, but it is actually an important accessory for the driver. There are many types of driving recorders on the market, and they also have various functions and different image definitions. 70mai’s series of driving recorders can be included in the purchase list. The most basic 70mai 1S also supports APP and voice control functions. If you want to send the best quality and fully functional driving recorder, you can choose the 70mai Pro/Pro Plus series.

Price: RM269

Purchase link: click here

7.TT Racing gaming chair

I believe that most boys have a hobby of playing games. Complete and good computer equipment and accessories have always been one of boys’ dreams. If you want to help your partner realize their dreams, send the gaming chair! This gaming chair under TTRacing can rotate 360° freely, allowing your boyfriend to sit comfortably while playing on the computer!

Price: RM399

Purchase link: click here


8.True wireless bluetooth headset

Although wired headsets have not been officially eliminated, it has to be said that it is also the era of the rise of true wireless Bluetooth headsets. Various brands and mobile phone brands have launched true wireless headset products, which are more convenient than sound quality.

Sudio TOLV
Price: RM408

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As one of the pioneers of smart wearable brands, Fitbit has a wide range of smart health fitness watches and bracelets. The functions provided include sleep tracking, all-weather heart rate tracking, built-in GPS, voice assistant, etc. The rich functions are absolutely worthy of it The price ~ If you are interested, you can do more homework and choose suitable Fitbit products to give to your boyfriend!

Price: RM648-RM1398

Purchase link: click here


10.Nintendo Switch

You don’t need to think too much when you see this. Sisters with a budget can buy directly! Although you can’t overwhelm a boat with one pole, who wouldn’t be happy and excited to receive Nintendo Switch? What’s more, the boys who like to spend time with games! In addition to the most classic blue and red color scheme, you can also choose the super-struck Animal Crossing theme version of the Switch, this one is mainly mint green and sky blue, it depends on personal preference!

Price: RM1299

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