Breaking News! The Apple Watch 7’s release date, price and leaks

Since the launch of Apple Watch, although countless people have mocked that the square dial of the device is not like a watch, after years of time inspection, the square smart watch has been proven to be able to display more effective information.

At the same time, the Apple Watch series is equipped with many very comprehensive data monitoring, as well as good compatibility and connectivity with iPhone and other Apple devices. With the entire Apple ecosystem, it has become one of the most popular smart watches on the market.

It is reported that Apple will launch a new Apple Watch Series 7 new product in the second half of this year, and recently a well-known Apple whistleblower announced the latest rendering of the device, showing the design of the device.

According to the picture, the overall appearance of Apple Watch Series 7 inherits the design language of the iPhone 12 series, and the frame adopts a more square right-angle design.


At present, Apple has applied the right-angle design to many of its product lines, which seems to be completely abandoning the curved style.

At the same time, Apple has also introduced the colorful color schemes of the iPhone 12 series in Apple Watch Series 7, and will launch similar blue, red and green versions of the body scheme, so users can have more choices.

It is worth mentioning that the whistleblower also revealed that Apple is designing a new Apple Watch prototype. The newly designed watch has a smaller screen frame and a significant increase in screen-to-body ratio.

This is a very important improvement to the area of gold on the watch, and it is worth looking forward to.

As for functionality, it is reported that it is still uncertain whether Apple Watch Series 7 has added a new sensor.


Apple Watch 7 price

Unless Apple opts to throw a financial curveball, we have a pretty good sense about what the Apple Watch 7 price will be. Traditionally, $399 is the company’s entry-level price for its flagship smartwatch in the 40mm size with GPS.

The price goes up to $429 for the 44mm size, plus another $100 to either size for Cellular support. That said, changes to size options and connectivity could alter the Apple Watch cost.

This could be the year we see Apple drop the price of cellular, too. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 with LTE is only $50 more, as is cellular for the midrange Apple Watch SE.