Comes with 8K display & 15 cameras! Apple VR/AR headset ultra-clear rendering exposure!


It has been reported a few years ago that Apple is secretly building a blockbuster revolutionary experience device, which will be an AR/VR mixed reality headset that subverts the industry. Many Apple patents have also confirmed the existence of this product .

According to the latest news, Apple may officially launch this blockbuster product later in a few years, and the current news about the device has been very specific, and some overseas gods have also produced ultra-clear renderings based on these news. Its exterior design was shown in advance.


According to the picture, this is a very advanced headset, which looks very light overall, with an adjustable strap as a fixed, and it seems to be replaceable, just like a smart watch strap.

The main body of the headset looks like a piece of goggles, and the front is a whole black area. The part in contact with the face is similar to AirPods Max. It seems to be a fabric material, which can effectively fit the face while ensuring ventilation. sex.

It is reported that the inside of the Apple headset has an ultra-high-resolution 8K display and advanced eye-tracking technology. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has reported that the device will be equipped with up to 15 cameras to accurately identify and track eyeballs. Wait.

Of these, eight cameras will be used to project images into the real world, six cameras will be used for biometric identification, and the last camera will be used for environment detection.

According to media speculation, the weight of the product will probably be between 300g and 400g, and the price will be around $3,000.