Build your doll wall to collect your dolls! Super easy to make!

Many girls like to collect dolls in various formats. Some are bought, some are given by their boyfriends, and some are trophies brought back from doll machines. These fluffy dolls make people want to take them home when they look at them, but when there are too many, how should they be handled and stored?

20210225_16142259724793_mobile Today I will teach you how to collect these dolls and appreciate your collections. You can choose a blank wall at home or in the room and create a doll wall by yourself. In addition to collecting your trophies, you can also take nice pictures here.


1. Choose a blank wall in your home as a doll storage wall

2. Think about the shape of the doll wall you want. If there are not many dolls, you can refer to the heart shape arrangement.


3. Search for iron grids for storing dolls and straps for fixing dolls on Shopee.

Purchase link for iron grids: Click here

Purchase link for straps: Click here

4. Arrange three square iron grids into a V shape, and then start to tie up the dolls one by one with plastic straps.

5. Arrange the dolls in the shape of the iron grids, and the heart shape doll wall will be completed after binding!

20210225_16142259715381_mobile 20210225_16142259739177_mobile Generally, when you collect dolls, your family and friends will say that it is a waste of space and money. It is useless to bring the doll home. So, with this doll wall, don’t say that I collect dolls just to occupy the visible area!