Xiaomi Youpin’s new Loctek Electric Lifting Desk with a double-layer desktop design.

With a single-layer desktop, raising the display screen has to require support, and space is limited while storage is also a problem. Loctek’s new product of electric lifting desk has double-layer storage compartments, and the upper-level is just right to put the display. Currently, Xiaomi Youpin has the product on sale, and the new product starts at ¥1799 (around $278).


The table adopts an electric lifting adjustment. No matter for adults working online or children reading books, with one-key adjustment, it will achieve smooth lifting without jamming.


With a double-layer tabletop design, the height difference between the upper and lower layers is 11cm, and the upper tabletop is 210mm wide, which can easily put 16K large books and the height of 110mm can also facilitate the reading of books.


When working online, the display screen is placed on the upper level, and the mouse and keyboard are placed on the lower level.


Double-layer storage expands the usable area, four compartments of storage are divided into categories, and the desktop will be tidy and more efficient.


When the lifting meets obstacles, the reverse retreat makes the use safer.