By whom you wanna be accompanied to visit the new Apple Store in Malaysia next year?

It is understood that at present, Apple representatives have started negotiations with the management of Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) in Malaysia. TRX is expected to open the first Apple Store in Malaysia.

Although the negotiations have reached the advanced stage, according to the information provided by the informant, TRX still has “many” aspects to convince Apple to open the first Apple Store in TRX.

If progress goes well, Malaysia will become the third country in Southeast Asia to have an Apple Store. There are currently five Apple Stores in Southeast Asia, three of which are located in Singapore; two are located in Thailand.


TRX is a new commercial and financial center established by the government. It will be transformed into a major international financial, trade and service center, and will gather support services from many top financial companies, international institutions, government agencies and related enterprises to provide a complete financial development environment.