6 Apple HomeKit smart devices to buy in 2021

Home smart devices are gradually entering thousands of households, and some friends may already have many smart devices in the mobile phone device list. Friends who have been paying attention to smart devices will definitely find that the current utilization rate of smart devices is gradually increasing, but the price has been decreasing. 2021 will be a suitable year to add new smart functions to their homes.

For Apple fans, the existence of HomeKit is a channel for upgrading home smart devices that cannot be ignored, but the current problem is that some Apple smart devices are more troublesome to buy, most of which are purchased through Amazon. In addition, Apple’s smart devices are a bit more expensive than those launched by some domestic manufacturers. Today I would like to recommend 6 easy-to-use and cheap Apple HomeKit smart devices that can enrich your home’s smart devices in 2021.


Meross smart garage door opener

The garage door opener is not available to every family, but I recommended it to my neighbor and he thanked me several times. The Meross garage door opener does not replace your garage door mechanism, but simply connects the wire so you can control it through an app or voice command. No additional hubs are required, and no additional costs are required. Using this garage door can ensure that you close the garage door after you leave the house. Opening the garage door can only be done through Siri, and it can also be remotely controlled with a mobile phone instead of the garage door key.

It is even possible to remotely open the garage door at the company through a mobile phone so that the courier can put the courier directly into the garage. However, it is recommended to install video surveillance in the garage to see every move after opening the garage door when not at home. The only thing to note is that this opener is not suitable for very old garage doors and may not be compatible with all models. Check the official website before purchasing.


Refoss smart bulbs 2 pieces

I believe that if you think of smart controls, the first thing you think of is smart sockets or switches. In fact, you don’t need to choose a smart plug to control your lights, you can use smart bulbs! These durable LED bulbs are designed to screw into traditional incandescent lamp sockets but can be controlled and arranged through home applications. Users can also adjust the color to any color you want (about 16 million color options), and change the “color temperature” to make the light as warm as you want or to simulate sunlight-this is not all smart bulbs provided.


Ecobee smart thermostat

Ecobee smart thermostat is one of the best thermostats in the industry. In addition to all the normal app-based temperature and schedule controls, it also includes a built-in Alexa voice system, which means you don’t need Siri to give Alexa commands, and you can even play music directly from the thermostat. The information screen is also great for checking weather conditions, humidity, and temperature. Like other smart thermostats, smart thermostats can sense when there is an activity in the house and adjust the temperature cycle accordingly. However, unlike other options, the Ecobee version is equipped with a free satellite sensor that you can install wherever you want. If your thermostat is far away from your living room or other places where people tend to gather, this is the perfect indoor air temperature Adjust the equipment.


HomePod mini

HomePod introduced a smaller HomePod speaker, which is much cheaper for Apple fans. This speaker can sense and interact with a nearby iPhone so that it can easily deliver music without interrupting the user’s call. Of course, it can also work with all Siri commands, and you can control other smart devices in your home with just a few sentences. The walkie-talkie function even allows you to send family messages to Apple devices at home. This makes the HomePod mini a great personal speaker on your desk. If you don’t have a smart speaker, it is the most valuable.


August smart lock fourth generation

Before you have used a smart lock, it is difficult to know how useful it is. This August smart lock allows you to lock or unlock your home through the app anywhere, and check the current status of the door at any time. They can also be automatically unlocked when your personal phones are near, and then they will be automatically locked when you leave again. You can even create temporary passes for guests, babysitters, or pets, which can be downloaded to their mobile phones and used at specific times each day. You can check when your home has been visited at any time through the HomeKit App.


Wemo mini wireless smart plug

The smart plug can convert almost anything plugged into a smart device. The smart plug allows users to set a time list to turn it on or off, control it with voice commands, and view the power it consumes throughout the day. This Wemo mini plug is one of the best choices for HomeKit. It is compatible with all voice assistants and is small enough so that when it is used, it will not hinder the use of other outlets nearby.