Can be controlled both by Apple Homekit and Mi Home! Mi LED Desk Lamp Pro right here!

In our daily work and life, the table lamp is often an indispensable tool-type product on the desktop. Xiaomi launched its upgraded product, Mi LED Desk Lamp Pro. It continues the relatively simple style but has been improved in terms of structural design and functionality.

In addition to the structural design and functional performance upgrades, it also supports access to Apple HomeKit, and the control methods are more abundant than the previous generation products.

Compared with the previous generation of products, the most obvious change of Mijia Table Lamp Pro is the adoption of the overall structure of the three-stage shaft. Its arms and the angle of the lamp head can be adjusted. You can choose the right angle according to your needs. Therefore, although its overall size has increased a lot from before, the space occupancy rate is not high.

Regarding lighting, Mi LED Desk Lamp Pro has a circular light-emitting area with a diameter of 116mm. The official said that its brightness is more than twice that of the previous generation. It is also worth mentioning that the new product has low blue light characteristics (officially said to be certified by German TUV Rheinland) on the basis of no video flash before, and theoretically protects the eyes better.

Of course, as a product from Xiaomi, Mi Led Desk Lamp Pro also supports access to the Mijia app for remote operation. But in addition, this time it also supports access to the Apple HomeKit platform. In other words, you can control it through two different voice assistants, Xiao Ai and Siri.

Here are the specifications in detail:
Lumens:700 lumens
Lifespan:Up to 11 years (8 hours usage per day)
Color Temperature:2500-4800K
App: Apple Homekit, Mi Home 
Voice Assistant: Google Assistant, Alexa
Connection: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi
Rated Power:12.5W
Material: Aluminum
Weight:1.5 kg