Can you believe it? Caviar has launched a customized Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3/Flip 3: starting at $10,770

Samsung will officially release the new foldable screen phone Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Flip 3 on the evening of August 11. The renderings and configurations of the two phones have been officially exposed, and they are expected to be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 Plus SoC. Among them, Z Fold 3 has confirmed that it supports a stylus and three rear cameras.

Although the mobile phone has not yet been officially released, the Russian luxury custom brand Caviar officially launched two customized models of the two smartphones today. Among them, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 customized version is equipped with 419 gems, using diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and 18k gold. The pattern below the phone comes from the work of artist Diego River.


The customized version of Galaxy Z Fold 3 uses a black background with a flame pattern on the back. This pattern is the symbol of Surt, the legendary king of fire in Scandinavia. The back cover of this customized machine is made of black-treated titanium, the skull pattern is made of polished titanium, and the two glasses use rubies.


We learned that Caviar’s customized Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 is limited to 20 units, priced at 46,460 US dollars. The customized Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 is limited to 99 units, priced at US$10,770.