Samsung has assured Galaxy S21 users of a fix for the phones’ Android 12 display problem!

The Galaxy S21 series of smartphones are the first few Android devices to update to One UI 4, which is based on Android 12. Despite the shiny nature of this software upgrade, an increasing number of users have reported that their high-end displays have become much less stable after the OTA. This is due to a specific bug that will, according to Samsung, be addressed soon.

Samsung has made an update to One UI 4 on the Galaxy S21 series (the vanilla, Plus and Ultra models) official. It upgrades the phones to Android 12, and promises upgrades in various areas of the phones’ features. However, it has already emerged that the new interface has a severe bug that affects one of the flagship devices’ most important display features, causing their premium AMOLED panels to appear much more erratic, jittery and unresponsive compared to the previous version.

The issue reportedly arises in the Snapdragon 888 version of each S21 variant (sold mostly in the US and South Korea), and kicks in when the units’ adaptive refresh rate mode is enabled. The feature apparently no longer maintains the speed and smoothness in animations that require the device’s top 120Hz rate, but has become linked to touch input instead.

Therefore, everyday smartphone-operating gestures such as scrolling now get much less convincing on One UI 4. According to a moderator for an official Samsung forum, the OEM had patched the issue for the stable roll-out, but it seems it is still present for some users who have installed this latest version.

The representative has also revealed that the issue has been “escalated” internally, which may improve the chances of a definitive fix arriving soon.