Cheap price and no crease+120Hz! OPPO Find N screen experience will be great!

Since 2019, folding screen mobile phones have become a hot topic in the industry. After many folding screen products have been launched, they have been welcomed by many consumers, and there has even been a situation in which demand exceeds supply. But we all know that these folding screen phones have certain defects more or less.

According to the data complained by the black cat, the creases/cracks of the folding screen mobile phone, screen display failure, after-sales warranty and other issues have caused dissatisfaction among many consumers.

Fortunately, recently OPPO officially announced its first folding screen mobile phone-Find N, and claimed to solve the industry’s difficult problems of folding screen mobile phones.

For example, in terms of creases, from the real machine picture exposed on the Internet, the fully expanded Find N does not see obvious creases with the naked eye, and the screen shape is very perfect.

According to Liu Zuohu, OPPO’s chief product officer, OPPO has developed 125 patented technologies in order to eliminate the creases of Find N. After four years and six generations of polishing, the industry’s first hinge technology is extremely costly and the craftsmanship is comparable to top mechanical watches.

OPPO officials also mentioned that Find N uses the world’s first Seiko pseudo-vertical hinge to further eliminate the crease of the screen.

Find N’s hinge is the first drop-shaped hinge to achieve hovering. The single cost is as high as $100, which is three times the cost of folding screen hinges on the market.


And the supplier of the hinge is Hangzhou Amphenol Feifeng Communication, which was a supplier of Apple.

It can be seen that OPPO is still very willing to pay for the cost in order to solve the problem of folding screens.

Of course, OPPO is not enough to solve the crease problem. The screen display problem of the folding screen mobile phone is also the focus of consumer complaints. After all, the unfolded folding screen mobile phone is very similar to the tablet, so the screen experience is very important.

In response to this problem, OPPO also has a solution. It is understood that Find N will support a 120Hz refresh rate, allowing users to get a very smooth experience in daily swiping, Weibo, and gaming scenarios.

Finally, the price that users pay attention to. Although the official did not disclose any information, the price of Find N was revealed in advance on the Internet.

Judging from the pictures sent out, Find N will come in two versions, the standard version is priced at US$1999, and the price of the high-end version is US$2,153.

Compared with some folding screen products that sell for close to US$3,100, this price is fairly reasonable.