The first 150W flash charge! realme GT Neo3 officially announced Dimensity 8100

News on March 1, this afternoon, MediaTek officially released a new generation of Dimensity 8000 series mobile platforms, including Dimensity 8000 and Dimensity 8100.

Shortly after the official announcement, Xu Qi wei the president of realme in China, and president of global marketing, posted on Weibo that the realme GT Neo3 will be the first to carry the MediaTek Dimensity 8100.


It is reported that the Dimensity 8100 adopts TSMC’s 5nm process. The CPU consists of 4 large cores and 4 small cores: A78 2.85GHz*4+A55 2.0GHz*4, the GPU is Mali-G610, and the APU is APU 580. The power consumption of competing products at the same level is 27% lower on average, and the temperature is 6°C lower.

At the same time, Dimensity 8100 is equipped with HyperEngine 5.0 game optimization engine, a new generation of R16 5G dual-carrier, and UltraSave 2.0 5G is more power efficient.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the first batch of Dimensity 8100, realme GT Neo3 will also launch the world’s first 150W light-speed second charging technology, which can be charged to 50% in just 5 minutes, which is also the fastest charging mobile phone.

According to reports, the realme 150W light-speed second charging technology uses a parallel multi-channel charge pump to increase the charging current, and achieves 150W high-power flash charging with lower conversion loss, lower resistance, and lower temperature. The new fast charging architecture adopts a new temperature control management mechanism, which can keep the operating temperature below 43°C all the time.