Tips and Tricks: Common problems and Solutions for iPhone12 Pro Max

After a series of comparisons between the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 ProMax, I still bought the iPhone 12 Pro Max.

In fact, the size of iPhone 12 ProMax is not as big as stated on the Internet, you will get used to it.

It enhances the battery life, and also enhances the ability to take pictures.

It is the best mobile phone.


1. Regarding mobile phone inspection: do not rush to tear off the film outside the package.

Please open the official website➡️Technical Support➡️Search the serial number➡️Display: Please activate!

Then the iPhone is normal.

The test for a green screen: Set ➡️Accessibility ➡️Display and text size ➡️Turn on to reduce the white point value to 100% and the screen brightness to 50%. Then open the app in a dark place and observe if the screen turns green

2.Regarding the yellowing of the screen and the excessive sharpening of the photos

If the screen turns yellow: please click Settings➡️Display and Brightness➡️Original color display (turn off)

If you are not satisfied, click Settings➡️Accessibility➡️Display and text size➡️Color filter➡️Color combination strength (as you see it comfortably)

The photos are yellow, and there is no solution yet. Compared with the xs used before, I found that the photos taken by xs are more beautiful, and the objects taken at 12pm are more beautiful.

If the photo is too sharp, turn off HDR when taking pictures, but turn it on when taking landscapes.

Tap Settings➡️Photograph➡️The last four items are all closed. Or take a live photo close to the original photo, there will be no over-sharpening

I have included some tips on protecting the phone:

Click Settings-Battery-Battery Health-turn on Optimize battery charging

Turn off automatic search for 5G to save power

Dark color wallpaper can save power, yet white wallpaper can not!

Do not charge less than 20%

Turn off [ios automatic update] [background APP refresh (power saving)] [advertisement tracking] [tap to wake up]

Tap Settings➡️Accessibility➡️Touch➡️Turn on Assistive Touch, you can set up functions that are convenient for you, for example, tap the back twice to take a screenshot