Compact and practical Huohou multifunctional grater that is good for home cooking

Recently, I started a good thing for home and kitchen: Huohou multifunctional grater. It is not only small and practical, but also comes with 3 kinds of knives, adopts a handguard design, and supports automatic storage.


Whether it is sliced ​​or thick and thin wire, the Huohou multifunctional grater can be easily handled, and the actual operation is also very simple and worry-free.

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In terms of appearance, the product gives people a simple and beautiful feeling. The body adopts a light-colored body and a large rounded corner design. In addition, each module can be easily disassembled and cleaned, which is convenient and hygienic.


The advantage of the self-contained storage box is that the shaved ingredients will automatically fall into the food receiving box at the bottom, and will not accumulate on the table, ensuring that the ingredients are clean and hygienic.

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The top of the box is designed with a drain hole, and the food can be washed directly after cutting.



There are safety tracks on both sides of the grater to facilitate the reciprocating sliding of the handguard. The closed track design on the top of the product prevents the handguard from falling off and causing injury.


It’s worthy of praise that the Huohou grater also comes with an enlarged handguard that can put ingredients. Use the handguard when handling small or ingredients that are too short, which can effectively prevent the blade from hurting your hands. Making grating safer and more efficient.



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