Mijia capsule coffee machine: 10 flavors in 1 minute


Mijia capsule coffee machine has the following features: 20Bar high pressure stable extraction, cup memory function, large/small cup independent button, and a variety of capsule coffee options.

It adopts imported 20Bar electromagnetic pump, combined with extremely fast heating technology and stable coffee extraction system, to ensure that each cup of coffee can be fully extracted, and the coffee aroma is released, and the taste is mellow.


The coffee machine is equipped with 2 independent buttons. The preset small cup button is about 40ml and the large cup button is about 110ml. The coffee can also be extracted according to the recommended cup size of Xiaomi’s customized capsule coffee. Only one button is needed to process the operation, you can extract the corresponding amount of coffee.

The front of the Mijia capsule coffee machine is only 8.5cm wide, lightweight and compact, plug-and-play, everything is simple from operation to extraction of a cup of coffee.

Xiaomi Capsule Coffee strictly controls the quality of European capsule coffeemakers. From screening green coffee beans to roasting and grinding, the capsule coffee is finally made. There are more than 10 coffee flavors, which are not repeated every day.