Confirmed! Redmi Note 10 uses a mid-mounted AMOLED perforated screen

Yesterday, the industry exposed the packaging box of Redmi Note 10 Pro, and it was rumored that it would use AMOLED screen. Since the information source did not see the screen information, we were still half-trusted.

However, there is reliable news in the industry today, confirming that Redmi Note 10 will use AMOLED screen, which is the first time that Redmi Note series uses AMOLED hole-digging screen. In addition, the camera is equipped with a four-camera lens, the main camera is 48 million, and the specifications of other cameras are unknown.


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As we can see, Redmi Note 10 uses a center-mounted hole-digging screen. The overall shape is similar to that of Redmi Note 10. The screen is very similar to the upcoming K40, and the aperture is quite small. It is still uncertain whether it is an E4 screen. It is the same as the K40’s screen, so the next step will be interesting. In addition, the screen resolution is FHD+, and the refresh rate is unknown.

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