MagSafe is too expensive, why not try iWALK Beetle which supports up to 15w

In the wireless era, earphones are wireless, and charging is also wireless. Currently, mobile phones that support wireless charging are basically brand flagship phones. The iPhone 12 series that appeared last year all support MagSafe as standard. This device supports up to 15w wireless charging, but it is expensive.


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So today we will talk about its alternatives. This iWALK Beetle wireless charging patch can also achieve 15w wireless fast charging, and the price is less than half of MagSafe.




Fashionable appearance, coupled with magnetic technology, adopts TypeC interface design. One side is a smooth adsorption type wireless charging tablet, and the other side is a metal mobile phone holder. At the end of the wire is a TypeC charging port with a circuit design. It can be said that the overall design is more reasonable and beautiful.



The ring buckle design of iWALK is pretty good, but the key is very practical. The white body and the metal coating have a strong contrast. The opening and closing of the ring is still relatively compact and can be easily opened with one hand.




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In terms of wireless charging, you only need to place it in a designated location to achieve wireless charging. For iPhone series mobile phones that support wireless charging, a wireless charging effect of about 10w can be basically achieved after adding a PD charger. However, the powerful magnetic effect is generally only available in the latest iPhone12 series. Generally, Android phones or phones below iPhone 12 have no magnets inside, so the attraction is not too strong.



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Through testing, this Xiaomi Mix2S mobile phone can only support wireless charging up to 7.5w, so the actual test can only reach about 7w, which is quite accurate. It can also be felt here that behind this beetle is a finger ring, which can function as a bracket. It’s much more convenient to watch videos on your phone.



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For the same reason, it is also a good experience to use iWALK Beetle to wirelessly charge while playing games. This way, the charging cable can be moved to the middle of the phone without hindering the hands on both sides of the phone at all. This is also a point where the Beetle wireless charger is stronger than the general MagSafe.

Advantages: High-value Beetle wireless charger, supports up to 15w wireless charging, supports Apple and Android two factions mobile phone charging. It comes with a dishwashing and ring stand, so you can play while watching the show while charging.

Disadvantages: The metal ring uses metal coating technology, which is good-looking but also prone to scratches. After only a few days of use, it is scarred, but I can bear it for the price of only half of the original factory.


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