In-depth evaluation of the Black Shark 3S gaming phone

The evolution of gaming phones is naturally also rapid development. The appearance is to cater to a better feel, the high configuration is for faster speed, the top screen is for a better visual experience, and even the system software is further adapted to create a more suitable operating experience for games.

Black Shark 3S is such a gaming phone born for games. The meticulous polishing of the details of each part can feel the efforts made to improve the gaming experience. Let’s take a look at this review together:


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Unpacking & Design:
The black packaging design is full of sense, and the thick and thin lines outline an X shape, which is a bit cyberpunk~


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The slogan of “creating more than just games” actually means “creating our story in the world of games”. Many mobile games nowadays break away from the concept of single-player games, and more require player interaction Mode, there is contact when there is interaction


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The eye-catching position of the Black Shark Technology X Tencent Game logo in the middle of the package is also the result of the strategic cooperation between Black Shark and Tencent. Tencent is now basically a leader in the mobile game industry. With Tencent’s assist, it is for gaming phones. In all, I believe it will be of great benefit.

The internal packaging is quite exquisite, transparent back shell, black shark colorful sticker, 65w fast charging source and data cable


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The actual look and feel of the back of the machine can be described by the word cool. The light and shadow lines will change with the fine adjustment of the angle. The X shape echoes the packaging, which is very eye-catching.

The S logo in the middle is actually an LED light, which can achieve various lighting effects, which will be introduced later.


The almost completely symmetrical design on the left and right brings a subtle sense of balance.


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This phone has two colors, one is the sky cloud black in the article, and the other is crystal blue. In fact, I really like blue. I believe that the real phone with light and shadow refraction should look good. The name of crystal blue is just like I can imagine it.


The camera is located in the upper triangle area. Such a layout is rare, but it is visually pretty. The surface is flat and has no protrusions, and it will not affect the feel when held.


The metal frame on the side adopts a midline split design, which visually makes the phone look thinner and more textured, and it also increases the friction when holding it.


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It doesn’t matter if you are accustomed to wearing a cover. The included transparent mobile phone back shell is also designed symmetrically, including the symmetrical hollows on both sides and the three-dimensional secant lines all around, which correspond to the mobile phone one by one, with detailed design in place.


The front of the phone adopts a non-shaped full-screen design, which is basically standard for current high-end gaming phones, which will not affect the screen display of the game content, but also brings better left-right balance.

Of course, because of the basically completely symmetrical design, it is difficult to distinguish the upper and lower screens at once, but if you set the screen, there is no such problem.


Observing the screen, you will find that there is a certain amount of black space at the top and bottom ends. Although it will slightly affect the screen-to-body ratio, it has no effect during actual use. When the game is held in a horizontal screen, a buffer is needed where it is originally held. I think the design is completely OK.

At the same time, the front camera can also be placed in the black border, perfect~


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Putting it together with the Redmi K30 Extreme Edition, the screen is the same 6.67 inches, and the Black Shark 3S is indeed longer visually.


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At the same time, as a gaming phone, the weight of 222g is also within a reasonable range (Redmi K30 Extreme Edition weighs 213g), and this weight difference basically does not bring about a significant difference in hand feeling during dual-handheld games.

By the way, compare the thickness of the fuselage. Although the Black Shark 3S is 1mm thicker, it looks basically the same because of the design of the three-dimensional edge trimming of the center line.


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Configuration & performance:
Take a look at the configuration of this Black Shark 3S gaming phone:

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

GPU: Adreno (TM) 650

Number of cores: 8

Operating memory: 12GB (12GB for all series) LPDDR5

Storage capacity: 128GB (other 256GB and 512GB versions) UFS3.1

Screen: resolution 2400×1080, 6.67 inches, Super AMOLED material

Screen refresh rate: 120Hz

Battery capacity: 4720mAh

Charger: 65W extremely fast flash charge

Rear camera: The main rear camera is 64 million pixels, the rear 2 cameras are ultra-wide-angle 1300W pixels, and the rear 3 cameras are 500W pixels.

Front camera: 2000W pixels

Network support: dual card dual standby, full Netcom

Headphone jack type: 3.5mm

Charging interface type: Type-C

System: JOYUI12 system based on MIUI12

The overall configuration is very much in line with the positioning of gaming phones. Snapdragon 865, 12GB storage, 120Hz high screen refresh, 65W fast charge, it is worthwhile to be surprised that the camera part still maintains a certain level (general gaming phones do not pay attention to this part ), so it’s no problem to use it as the main model.

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