Experience on Delicate AJAZZ Wireless Keyboard


Briefly for the AJAZZ K620T keyboard, the design of 62 keys is in line with my taste for small size. In addition, there are volume keys of rollers and grooves for mobile phones and tablets.



I personally like the black-and-white and gray tone.The overall tone of the keyboard is white, and then the volume knob at the top and the gray design of the grooves gives the keyboard a sense of color sublimation.

At present on the market the 62 keys small keyboard is a niche keyboard, but the more niche is more love.It, can place the phone, can adjust the volume, give us more convenience, although  the number keys are reduced, but the function is not reduced, which can also help us save more desktop space out.


The highlight of the keyboard is the volume button, which can be rotated left or right and pressed directly.Turn the volume to the left to decrease, turn the volume to the right to increase, press down the knob directly is the mute operation, no longer need to use the combination of buttons to adjust the volume, the operation sense is more normal.




From the side, the keycap formed a curve, not flat design, in line with the ergonomic principle, easier to use and even if a long time using will not let the fingers so tired.



The person that loves keyboard, changing keycap  is a common operation.If you like the same keyboard but want to be different from others, choose your favorite keycap to decorate it. There are three keycaps with the official K620T package which are pink, green and yellow, matching up a lot of bright;And also a key extractor is served, makes remove the key cap no longer difficult.After replacing the bonding cap, the Black Jue K620T appears more energetic.



And the lighing system is alsp pretty impressive.




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