Desktop HIFI sound quality? Nakamichi OLA Bluetooth Speaker Reviews

With people’s pursuit of quality of life, speakers have become a must-have for most people. End the busy day of work, get home from get off work, turn on the speakers, and start to empty yourself with the music, immerse yourself in your own small space to do anything, this is a short leisure time exclusively for workers, this is a wave of ordinary days , This is the happiness that speakers bring to life.

A speaker with good sound quality will definitely add to our quality of life. What I want to share with you today is this Nakamichi Middle Road OLA Bluetooth speaker. Maybe you have rarely heard of this speaker brand, but I believe audio lovers must have seen it.


Nakamichi Nakamichi is a brand manufacturer that has been committed to the development of audio-related equipment, and its products are known for high-quality sound quality. The Nakamichi Zhongdao OLA Bluetooth speaker shared today also has a high-quality sound experience, let’s take a look!


Nakamichi Zhongdao OLA Bluetooth speaker has a very beautiful appearance, small size, which is in line with the current popular retro sense, and at the same time integrates modern and simple beauty, which is very distinctive. The material is made of metal mesh, which is durable and practical.



The four feet at the bottom are detachable and can change the shape at will. Whether it is placed on the desktop as a desktop speaker or directly placed on the floor of the living room, it is very suitable. It is multi-purpose and the use scene is very free.


It is worth noting that the Nakamichi Zhongdao OLA Bluetooth speaker has a strong adaptability to the power supply. It adopts an interchangeable plug design to adapt to different plugs. There are 2 two-pin flat plugs and 1 two-pin round plug in the accessories.


The author is attracted by the OLA Bluetooth speaker in addition to its appearance and of course its super-resistant sound quality. Many audio enthusiasts must have heard a sentence called “listen to a loud speaker for less than 10,000 yuan”, but I want to say, really not. OLA Bluetooth speakers impressed me with its powerful sound quality and achieved a sound quality that exceeds the price. Have quality!


First of all, the biggest feature of the OLA Bluetooth speaker is its “bile taste”. The OLA Bluetooth speaker uses a customized vacuum tube, which is the convex part of the appearance. The advantage of using a tube amplifier is that the sound after adjustment is sweet and soft, and naturally concerned, especially the large dynamic range and good linearity, which cannot be replaced by other devices.


With the vacuum tube, the sound performance of OLA Bluetooth speakers is very good. The moment I heard the sound for the first time, I thought it was worth it! This is definitely not for grandstanding, the sound presented by OLA Bluetooth speakers is warmer and smoother, softer and mellow, with sharp adjustments, and retains the unique warmth of the amplifier.


The low-frequency expressiveness is also excellent, the sound is natural and transparent, which can ensure the best presentation of the volume and low frequency, and has a certain flexibility and dive. This sound quality is particularly suitable for listening to human voices or human voices. Quite suitable for friends who like to listen to vocals. On the occasion of the cold winter night, hold a cup of warm tea, turn on the OLA Bluetooth speaker to listen to the stories of the radio station, enjoy the beautiful years with music, the long-lasting sound is full of warm power, the rendering is full, the mood is full, and the body is warm at this moment , The soul is also warm.


However, no matter how good the sound quality is, it still can’t show the true level without proper equipment. Therefore, OLA Bluetooth speakers are equipped with 15W custom dual full-range speakers to provide HIFI-level playback capabilities, which can capture the complete sound source more accurately. The frequency spectrum of the audio signal is truly “poisonous” and “female poison”.


At the same time, OLA Bluetooth speaker supports Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission technology + EDR technology, as long as it can be connected to the power supply, it can be turned on and used. Bluetooth 5.0 provides faster and more stable signal connection, efficient transmission and low latency, Bluetooth stable music playback without stopping, The current expressiveness is also very good, and the communication is smooth and barrier-free within 10 meters.


In addition, the blessing of DSP sound processing technology and EAI bass enhancement technology can bring mellow and full sound to OLA Bluetooth speakers, and the low-frequency enhancement output port supports external active woofers to help bass expressiveness and mellow sound quality at your fingertips.


Not only that, the OLA Bluetooth speaker also has a gospel function for lazy people, which is currently popular in digital products-NFC touch connection. Use NFC to realize Bluetooth connection on devices that support NFC. The connection is faster and more convenient, minus the annoying identification and pairing. , The music does not need to wait, just touch it.


Surprisingly, the OLA Bluetooth speaker has a standard PHONO (analog turntable) interface in its small size, which can be connected to a turntable and enjoy the vibe of vinyl quality music.


The author has been in the digital circle for a while, and people who are familiar with the author also know that the author’s love for Bluetooth speakers far exceeds all electronic products, so the requirements for Bluetooth speakers are still quite high. With a high-quality speaker, you can listen to your favorite music at home without having to restrain yourself with headphones. At this moment, the world only has music and self. This is so happy!


The OLA Bluetooth speaker is very good in terms of word-of-mouth, sound quality, and cost-effectiveness. The price is 1,000 yuan, the appearance is online, the retro and the modern coexist small and beautiful, the sound quality based on the tube amplifier is very mellow, the atmosphere is strong, and it is easy to immerse people in it. , I personally recommend it, friends who are on a budget must try the OLA Bluetooth speaker!


1. The sound quality is good, but it is small and expensive, and it is still acceptable for friends who have the pursuit of sound quality.

2. Unfortunately, the tripod is not made of wood. If it is made of wood, I think it will be more flavorful.

3. A touch of technology is incorporated into the retro style, which is also a good choice.

4. There is no built-in battery and it needs to be used in a fixed position. If it can be built-in battery, it would be even better.