Details about the iPhone 14 that are easily overlooked

Apple is aiming to hold a launch event on September 7 to unveil the iPhone 14 line. In order to meet iPhone14, I wonder more details that useful for general consumers by analyzing exsiting data. Images of cases for the entire iPhone 14 lineup were today shared, reinforcing expectations about the design refinements coming to this year’s new iPhone models.


The size of the iphone14 series can refer to the iPhone13 series, but its camera is thicker, about 4mm, which is equivalent to stacking two coins. If the phone case is installed, the presence of the camera bump will be stronger, which is also a point that many consumers do not like.

Rear Camera

The images also include a close-up comparison of the cases’ precise moldings and cutouts for the rear camera setups, illustrating how much it is expected to grow from the iPhone 13 Pro to the ‌iPhone 14 Pro‌:


The battery capacity of the 14 series has generally been improved, and the weight is expected to be 10g to 60g heavier than the 13 series. It depends on the different products of the 14 series.

Otherwise, iPhone14  will have more colors for consumers to choose. This will be a big selling point for the iPhone 14.


The above content is all based on the calculations and predictions made by existing revelations, and the specific data should be subject to the actual products on sale.