Developer discovers security vulnerabilities in Apple’s self-developed M1 chip

According to media reports, developer Hector Martin discovered that Apple’s self-developed M1 chip has a security vulnerability.

The vulnerability allows any two applications running under the operating system to secretly exchange data without using memory, slots, files, or any other normal operating system functions.

This violates the security principles of the operating system.

According to foreign media reports, Martin referred to this vulnerability as M1RACLES.

He said that the vulnerability is mainly harmless because it cannot be used to infect Mac computers, nor can it be used by vulnerabilities or malware to steal or tamper with data stored on the computer.


Martin also said that the vulnerability was completely implanted in the Apple M1 chip. If the chip is not redesigned, the vulnerability cannot be fixed.

It is reported that since 2005, Apple has cooperated with Intel to develop Mac processors.

However, at the 2020 World Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple announced its plans for self-developed chips.

At the Apple 2021 spring conference, Apple introduced a new iMac all-in-one machine, which is equipped with Apple’s self-developed chip M1.

Before the iMac equipped with the M1 chip came out, Apple was already selling MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini equipped with the M1 chip to reduce its dependence on Intel.