iPhone 13 Rumor Hints Name of Apple Flagship! Release Date, Specs, Other Leaks

For Apple, the number 13 is nothing but lucky.

Apple has reportedly decided to stick to its traditional naming convention and will use iPhone 13 as the model name of its 2021 flagship smartphone lineup. And just like the iPhone 12, the upgrade will have Mini, Pro, and Pro Max versions, confirming previous rumors.

Apple fans have been assuming that the next iPhone would be called the iPhone 13, following the pattern in recent years from the iPhone X, iPhone 11 and iPhone 12. But others have claimed and even urged Apple to skip the number 13 in the next model and launch the iPhone 12S in 2021 and the iPhone 14 in 2022 instead.


According to previous reports, Apple might decide to shelve plans naming their next iPhone with the number 13, owing to superstitious beliefs of many, apparently responding to user surveys urging them to think of another name. Other recommended names were the iPhone 2021 and the iPhone 12S.

iPhone 13 Rumor: Next iPhone ‘Has Entered Last Stage of Stocking’

The Economic Daily News report in Taiwan further said Apple will unveil the iPhone 13 in September, quoting sources knowledgeable with the supply chain of iPhone components in the country. The iPhone 13 has reportedly entered the countdown stage of stocking, stressing that this year’s iPhone will be named iPhone 13.


According to the Screenrant report, Taiwanese electronics manufacturer Pegatron will handle the manufacturing of the iPhone 13 Mini, while fellow local phone maker Foxconn will build the rest of the models.

Apple traditionally releases new iPhones in September or October of each year.

Persistent rumors shows that the next iPhone will appear generally similar to the iPhone 12 but with a thicker frame, owing to a large camera bump. It will also have three display sizes from the 5.42 inches for the Mini to the 6.7 inches for the Pro Max. The Pro models will have 120Hz OLED LTPO panels.

iPhone 13 Lightning Port Dropped for Portless MagSafe Charging


Other assertions reveal that Apple might drop its Lightning Port for MagSafe charging, but reliable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said only one model, probably the Pro Max, would be portless.

Apple has yet to reveal the official name of the next iPhone. Internal decisions on product names and other marketing calls are still subject to changes until the product is actually rolled out. After all, these are more closely guarded and easily altered than the actual handset hardware.

Users have long speculated that Apple would drop its numbering convention in its iPhones, given that other Apple products are not named by a number such as the iPads or Macs  which are known by their actual names.

It remains to be seen what Apple will decide to do, though the final name of the iPhone 13 will surely be much talked about like its upgrades.