Do You Know How to Choose the Right Strorage Box?

Many of you will encounter some problems when buying a storage case. That is, what kind of storage case should I buy?Is the container solid or transparent?What should the price band be? Just let me help figure out the problems.

First of all, what kind of storage case should you buy?


Some of you said, look for pretty ones, some of you said, look for solid ones,

There’s nothing wrong with it!But, the first point we have to cosider is we have to think about the place  we put storage box.


Scene division more scientific

If our boxes are external, try to choose solid colors.

But why?

Imagine if we had a transparent box  in a corner of the living room,

It’s easy to see, but it’s also messy, and with visitors coming by, there’s no privacy.

If our storage boxes are in wardrobes or under the bed, try to choose transparent containers.

No matter the daily clothings or bedding of change season, an issue that often lets us scratch one’s head is we do not know what is contained inside the box, so this time, we are about to choose transparent visible storage box, which is very convenient for us.


Secondly, some people said that the stronger and thicker the case, the better.

This is also a misunderstanding.

Flexibility is the criterion for a good storage case.

In fact, this question is very easy to understand, do you think the liquor and soda tank is strong?Strong, but usually this kind of case is made of recycled materials, low price, the case has very bad flexibility.


Then how to distinguish the storage box is made of recycled materials?

For transparent boxes, made of recycled materials is not so easy, most transparent boxes, especially the high transparency colorless transparent box is unable to made of recycled materials.For solid color containers, the lighter the color is, the less likely it is to be adulterated.Finally, flexibility, the better flexibility, the more without doping back.