Composite steel 5-in-1 kitchen knife set experience

A good knife can do more with less. Kitchen knives are tools that many cooks use every day. If the knives are not easy to use, it will affect the cooking mood. Recently I started this 5-piece set of HUOHOU composite steel knives. The high-quality materials make the knives harder. It will be much handier when preparing materials. Let’s take a look at the performance of this set of knives today.

As a professional brand of steel tools, Huohou is very particular about the materials used, and the overall details of the product are also very brand-like. The outer packaging of this set of five-piece composite steel knives gives people a sense of brand trust. This set of knives includes 4 utility knives and a tool holder.


You can also see the purpose and size of each knife on the side of the package. They are chopper knife, slicing knive, chef knive, and multi-use knive. Each knife is used for special purposes, which is more hygienic and extends the use of knives’ life.

A good knife must be equipped with a good knife block. The standard knife hlock of this 5-in-1 set of composite steel knives is made of solid wood rubber. The material is solid and the base weight is very stable. 


The surface is inclined at 13°, which makes it easier to take the knives, and the size of the opening also makes it more convenient to store the knives.



Such a set of kitchen knives with solid materials can be placed in the kitchen to improve the overall grade. It is very suitable for personal use or as gifts.


Next, let’s take a look at these 4 utility knives. The first is a chopper knife, which is made of 50Cr15MoV vanadium steel with higher toughness. With the increased and thick design of the chopper knife, the knife has stronger toughness and heavier weight. This will be more convenient when cutting materials with bones.



The slicing knife is used to cut fish fillets. It is made of three-layer composite steel. The inner layer is made of 102Cr17Mo high-hardness steel and the outer layer is made of 10Cr17 low-carbon stainless steel. This makes the blade sharper and the blade surface more resistant to rust and wear.


The chef knife can be used to cut vegetables and meat. Compared with ordinary kitchen knives, this Huohou chef knife is lighter and more convenient to use. It also uses a three-layer composite steel design, and the knife is really sharp.


The fourth multi-use knife is also the smallest knife in this set. It is used for cutting fruits, cores, or craftsmanship that can be used for carving. This knife is also designed with three-layer composite steel and the blade is very sharp.


Such a set of 4 knives that each with its usefulness allows you to efficiently process ingredients in the kitchen.


The handle part is also a big selling point of this 5-in-1 composite steel knife set. The handle is made of tropical rainforest ebony wood. The wood structure is tight and you can hold it in your hand with very good hand-feeling, and it is even much handier when cutting vegetables.


This set of knives is really high-level from the point of view of the details and materials of the knife. Whether it is for personal use or as a gift, it will be a very good choice.