Do you know what tooth you belong to?

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the change of living habits, and the improvement of the quality of life, small products such as electric toothbrushes have gradually entered our lives. Forming a good habit of brushing your teeth in the morning and evening is a direct way to get a healthy mouth and white teeth. Compared with our traditional ordinary brushing methods, electric toothbrushes can obtain a more efficient cleaning effect in a shorter time, improve efficiency, and meet our high requirements for dental health. At present, there are many styles of electric toothbrushes on the market. It can be said that one vibrates more fiercely than one, and one is cheaper than one. So, as an ordinary consumer, how do you choose an electric toothbrush that suits you?


For choosing an electric toothbrush, different friends have their own goals. The style of electric toothbrushes has been updated for several generations from the initial simple mechanical vibration to the different forms of ultrasonic design. For me, choosing an electric toothbrush needs to solve the problems of breath, yellow teeth, food residue, dental calculus, and so on. The key point of this technology should be the detailed design of the brush head’s strength and vibration frequency.


From the perspective of multiple comparisons, I chose this Fairywill sonic electric toothbrush P80. From the perspective of brand awareness, Fairywill is the TOP3 brand in Amazon’s electric toothbrush category, ranking second only to Philips and Oral B. It is rated as the most popular Chinese electric toothbrush brand by foreign users, and it is also the first domestic brand to pass the American Dental Association ADA certification. With such an excellent start, the positioning of the entire brand has always been based on continuous innovation and surpassing based on technology. 


For electric toothbrushes with ultrasonic design, one of the technical features is the vibration frequency. Higher and higher vibration frequencies can form more bubbles in the oral cavity and bring a stronger cleaning effect. The built-in magnetic levitation brushless motor of Fairywill Electric Toothbrush P80 can have super-sensing high-frequency vibration of 40800 times/min. High-frequency vibration can bring a large number of bubbles into every part of the oral cavity, deep into the gap between the teeth, and deep cleansing of bacteria, dental calculus, dental stains, and stains. At the same time, the original 5D sonic cleaning technology is also used in the toothbrush design. The so-called 5D refers to the simultaneous micro-vibration of up to 1072 delicate bristles, which wraps the five sides of the teeth and covers 96% of the area of ​​the teeth. It effectively cleans the five sides of the teeth and cleans teeth deeply and completely in one step. Thereby, the oral health environment can be improved in a short time, bringing fresh breath and brightening teeth.


For electric toothbrushes, with higher and higher vibration frequencies, another feature that needs attention is safety. If you simply use a toothbrush to repeatedly rub your teeth and brush your teeth violently, it will actually damage the teeth. If the brushing force is greater than 300 grams, it will cause damage to the gums. Fairywill Electric Toothbrush P80 is specially designed with a pressure sensor on the brush head. When the pressure on the brush head is greater than 250 grams, the pressure sensor light will light up red, reminding us to pay attention to the safety of brushing and achieve strong cleaning and A comprehensive balance of safety mouthguards. It is true that cleaning your teeth does not hurt your teeth, combined with wavy DuPont bristles, the gum massage mode is carried out through “ripples”, and through different frequency vibration methods, waves of “waves” are generated, which gently stimulates the inside of the gums while cleaning the teeth. Promote blood circulation in the gums and improve gum health.


For electric toothbrushes, there is another concern that is easy to use. Fairywill Electric Toothbrush P80 has five cleaning modes, namely cleaning, whitening, polishing, “ripple” mode of gum massage, and sensitive care. The main button on the fuselage can be switched conveniently and quickly to meet the needs of different groups of people. In addition, in order to meet the daily storage and carrying needs, a special toiletry bag is equipped with a groove design inside, which can easily place the electric toothbrush handle, and the brush head is fashionable and elegant. In addition, it adopts the Type-C charging socket design that is common to mobile phones, so there is no need to match a special charging base when going out. The built-in large-capacity battery brings long battery life and makes us worry-free in daily use. The entire toothbrush has an IPX7 waterproof design, which can be directly placed in the bathing space when used at home, without special care and treatment, and is more durable.


With a more scientific and professional design, Fairywill Electric Toothbrush P80 can bring faster and more efficient cleaning effects to our Asian oral care. Combined with professional whitening toothpaste or care toothpaste, every detail in the teeth can be washed away. An electric toothbrush can far surpass the effect of manual brushing for several minutes in 30 seconds. It can quickly eliminate stains, breath, dental plaque, brush away dental calculus, make the whole oral cavity healthier and more comfortable, and bring us fresh breath and more confidence A smile brings elegance and taste to life.