Don’t worry, Huawei fans, Leica and Huawei will not “break up”!

The cooperation between Huawei and Leica can be said to be a cross-border model, and it has also attracted many imitators. Huawei mobile phones have been firmly in the first echelon in recent years, and Leica’s help is also indispensable.

At present, Huawei mobile phones are falling into the most difficult trough. The new generation of flagship P50 series has been repeatedly postponed. Recently, there have been rumors that Leica will end its cooperation with Huawei, and the P50 series has become a swan song.


At the same time, Leica is looking for new partners, including Xiaomi, Sharp, and even Honor. With the use of the Leica 1-inch ultra-outsole for the Sharp AQUOS R6, the cooperation between Leica and Huawei seems to be over.


However, according to the latest news, the so-called end of cooperation between Leica and Huawei is just a rumor. At this stage, Leica will not cancel its cooperation with Huawei.

However, in the absence of chips, how long will the release of Huawei P50 series be delayed? How long can Huawei phones last?