How to choose the tablet? Apple or Huawei?

Every time you browse the websites, you can see that everyone is debating whether to buy an ipad or a Huawei tablet. I use Huawei matepad pro. My boyfriend uses ipad pro. I have used both. So today I’d like to share with you the usage of the two tablets.

First of all, in my case, my phone is nova5 pro, headset is freebuds3. I majored in finance. I just watch videos and take notes. So when buying a tablet, I also gave priority to Huawei’s tablet. 

The reasons for choosing are:

1 The performance of the best Kirin 990 chip is really awesome!

2 Nice appearance! The narrow frame is enjoyable for both watching videos and taking notes.

3 The acoustics are great! Watching a movie on that is so exciting.

4  It is also very convenient for people to transfer the docs to each other!

5 The battery is so durable ~ and 40w fast charger is convenient!

Huawei has spent a lot of time on tablets in recent years. I have used it for more than three months. I still have a good sense of experience. I like it very much.

Let’s talk about my boyfriend’s iPad! Boyfriend’s mobile phone is iPhone 12 pro, headset is AirPods pro, watch is apple watch. All his devices are powered by Apple, so he chose ipad pro without hesitation. My boyfriend is an engineering student. He has the need to draw pictures and take notes. His board can also meet his daily needs. The advantage of ipad is that many of its functions are really amazing! For example, when dividing the screen, you can select the text in the document and then, drag it straight to another software! That’s awesome! Huawei can’t do that! I really thought it was so convenient when I used it for the first time! Many of Apple’s software are ecologically good. But Huawei is also making a little progress!

To sum up, For users of Huawei mobile phone, it is no problem choosing matepadpro! For iPhone users, just choose iPad Pro ~ All are easy to use! Don’t say Huawei’s tablets suck, if you haven’t used a Huawei tablet!