Eating too many nuts is like drinking oil directly

Some foods are delicious and nutritious, coupled with their small size, it is easy to overtake them unknowingly. Today’s article will take a look at this kind of food with everyone. Although it has many benefits, eating too much is like drinking a big barrel of oil, and it is easy to gain calories! This food is nut.


Nuts are very common snacks in life. It is not only delicious but also nutritious, it is a very good healthy food. Common nut foods include almonds, pistachios, walnuts, peanuts, and so on.


1. The nutritional value of nuts

Nuts are the essence of plants and are generally rich in nutrients. Most of them contain a high content of protein, oil, minerals, and vitamins, which can effectively help the human body to grow and strengthen the body. In addition, many nuts are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which are very beneficial to the health of the brain. At the same time, nuts also have effects of anti-oxidation, lower cholesterol, improve eyesight and protect cardiovascular.

2. Why do some people think that eating nuts can help them lose weight?

Although the size of nuts is small, they bring a certain sense of fullness, which can relieve hunger after eating. At the same time, the unsaturated fatty acids in nuts can increase the oxidation and heat production effects of fat, help convert fat into calories, and provide energy for the body. In view of this, some people think that eating nuts can help them lose weight.


3. Eating too many nuts at once means drinking oil

Although nuts have many benefits to the human body, they should not be eaten too much. It’s a small one but the nut has a high calorie and fat content, eating a few more nuts is equivalent to eating a bowl of rice.

A bowl of 100g rice has 117 calories. Let’s take this as a comparison:

100g of pistachios equal about 614 calories

100g of walnuts equal about 617 calories

100g of almonds equal about 579 calories

100g of peanuts equal about 567 calories

100g of cashew nuts equal about 553 calories


And 100g of olive oil equals about 880 calories, that is, about 119 calories per tablespoon of olive oil. With a little comparison, it was instantly discovered that the heat of nuts should not be underestimated.


Many of the nuts sold on the market are finely processed and may be added with seasonings such as sugar and salt, which have higher calorie and fat content. If you want to eat nuts in the healthiest way, it’s best to choose natural nuts without additives and rough processing.


Eating too many nuts will cause extra calorie intake, not only may you become fat, but also have the risk of raising cholesterol levels.


The daily nut intake can take the size of the palm as the standard, which means just spread the nuts flat in the center of the palm. This intake is about 10~15g or 100~200 calories.


From this, we can see that no matter how beneficial the food is, ingest it in moderation. Too much food may have negative effects!