Xiaomi Youpin has released AQUIMIA Italian ergonomic sofa

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin released a lazy sofa made of cotton and linen. It is better to say it is a versatile lounge chair than a lazy sofa.


This sofa is small in size, does not take up space, and can be combined with various effects at will. Sitting casually and lazily. Imported cotton and linen as the fabric, skin-friendly and breathable. Plant cortex fiber, golden silk human skin, soft and tough, protect the skin, adjust the temperature, and can sit for a long time even in summer.



Curved leather art surrounds, the whole piece of high-quality western leather is tanned, qualitatively, and precision stitching. It has full gloss, superior hand feeling, soft and comfortable.



The 115-degree ergonomic intimate sitting and lying angle allows the seat to be evenly stressed, and the spine disperses the pressure, making it comfortable to sit for a long time. The curved armrests are soft to the touch, scientifically relying on meeting the needs of arm support, and the elbows can be relaxed and comfortable.