8 Essential Items for Renovating a Balcony

The balcony of each residence is different, general balconies are divided into cantilever type, enclosed type, semi-enclosed type, and corner type. Usually, I only dry clothes and plant plants on the balcony. However, if the balcony is not very small, it can not only be used to dry clothes but also be transformed into an orderly INS-style balcony. Also, many people can transform the balcony into a reading area, a small garden, or a comfortable corner that can enjoy individual time. The following recommendations are good things that transform the balcony, don’t miss them!

1.Floor tiles & pebbles

The first step that transforms the balcony is to add adornments for the floor, so ligneous floor tiles are indispensable! Original balconies are the majority of common tiles, which are not beautiful. You can floor this kind of wooden floor tile that can be assembled simply, put on a pebble in a potting area, and the first step to transforming the balcony is finished! If the floor condition of the balcony and appearance is beautiful originally, you can omit this step.

  • Wooden floor tile



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  • Pebbles

The pebbles have choices of different sizes.


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2.Flower pot holder

The balcony is absolutely a good place to grow a plant, it also often contacts sunshine more. However, placing plants on the floor is not only messy but also not beautiful, so you can try to use a dedicated potting rack or hanging potted plant instead.

  • Small flower racks


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3. Small tea table

If the balcony space is narrow, you can choose this kind of small tea table. If it is a closed balcony, you can choose whatever table you like according to the style you want to build.


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You can choose chairs like a small sofa, beanbag sofa, cane chair or wooden chair. Chairs also need to be selected according to the balcony space, don’t buy too many chairs or too large chairs, otherwise, the narrow balcony will become even narrower. If it is an open balcony, you’d better not choose a sofa, because it might get wet on rainy days.


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5.Cloth art decorations

Adding cloth art ornaments can add a sense of warmth, the overall look will be more comfortable. With a chair, you can add a pillow or cushion. If you have a cantilevered balcony (the kind that allows you to enjoy the view and wind), you can prepare some blankets so that you won’t catch a cold while enjoying the moon in your warm nest at night.

  • Throw pillow



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  • Blankets


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If it is an embedded balcony (inner balcony), you can also cover the floor mat with any material you like. It is better to choose the carpet material and color according to the style of the balcony you want to create.


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7. Lights and candles

How can we without the auxiliary of light to create a romantic atmosphere on the balcony at night? If the requirement is simple, you can buy bulbs with wires or LED lights directly. If you don’t want to use light bulbs, you can use candles instead, which are more romantic than light bulbs (candles are recommended to be used on ventilated balconies).

  • Light bulb with cable


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  • Candles and candle plates


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8. Hanging chairs

The balcony is also suitable for hanging chairs. It will be super comfortable to have a nap on the chair.

  • Nordic swing chair


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