ESR magnetic charging holder: iPhone12 exclusive

The MagSafe magnetic charging technology for the iPhone 12 series leaves room for a number of peripherals manufacturers, including the well-known brand of in-car peripherals: ESR. Today we are going to talk about a wireless car charger launched by ESR. Its name is ESR Magnetic Charging Stand. This is the exclusive car charger for iPhone 12 series, so what is the difference? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Let’s have a brief chat.


The structure of this car charger is relatively simple: the main components are a charging board and an outlet clip, and you can simply install it after you get it.  




It has a boxy charging pad and a rounded area for wireless charging. This position is made of a material similar to glass, which is smooth and black.






The charging pad is just a flat panel. So how does it fix the phone? The trick is that the phone is held in place by magnets built into the panel. Magnetic charging is currently available only on the full iPhone 12 range, which is why it’s exclusive to the iPhone 12 range.



It uses a magnetic suction positioning adsorption, put the phone near the charging panel, it will automatically adsorb to the car charger. The position between the mobile phone and the car charger is fixed by magnetic force, which is good for driving safety.




Of course, there are drawbacks to this design feature. Because other phones don’t have magnetic magnets, it will only be available for iPhone 12 users for now. However, it can be used if the phone is equipped with a magnetic suction ring.


It takes about three hours to fully charge an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is about the same as the original device.



The last detail is that the charging pad does not get hot during the charging process, so the safety is very reassuring.