Home Bluetooth speaker Sony XB12 and JBL Go3 evaluation

I want to buy a low-priced home small speaker for daily listening to songs.

Compare Sony xb12 and JBL go3


The Sony shell is frosted to the touch, and the JBL is all mesh.

Personally, I actually prefer the feel and appearance of Sony, which is simple and textured.

Sound effects

Compared folk songs, classical music, rock, and pop songs.

The volume of Sony is much lighter than JBL, but about 40 square meters of space is enough.

JBL’s vocals should be brighter, Sony is a little dull.

But with bass and drums, Sony feels more textured.

I don’t know if it’s a personal preference, JBL sounds a bit rustling

Small details

Sony’s battery life is better than JBL.

Personal summary

I listen indoors, and I don’t have any requirements for volume. I usually listen to classical and folk songs. In terms of appearance preference, sound quality, battery life, and cost-effectiveness, Sony has won my heart.