EVGA launches X20, X17 and X15 gaming mice: dual range sensors, for FPS/MMO games

When it comes to EVGA, most people think of its graphics card, motherboard and power supply. In fact, many years ago, EVGA also introduced a keyboard and mouse, with a screen display, and an unique design, but it has stopped there.

Today, EVGA is making a comeback, bringing three new mouse products, namely X20, X17 and X15, with dual ranging sensors, which can ensure that gamers can quickly and accurately enter the battle after raising their hands.

EVGA X20 has the same design as X17, aimed at FPS games, while X15 has a large number of side buttons aimed at MMO players.


The highest-positioned EVGA X20 is a wireless dual-mode gaming mouse that supports 2.4GHz and wired. It is designed for right-handed use with thoughtful ergonomics, and the overall design is hardcore. There is a large area of non-slip rubber wrap on the left, shortcut side button and one-click sniper button, and DPI speed indicator.

EVGA X20 has dual LOD ranging sensors, which can accurately detect the lifting distance in the range of 3mm-0.4mm, and optimize the compensation and correct the moving distance according to the algorithm, thereby improving the accuracy of FPS games


The dimensions are 70.27 mm in width, 122.71 mm in length, 44.52 mm in height and 123 grams in weight. There are 3 areas of RGB backlighting on the wheel, rear and front, which can be customized and synchronized with the backlight, and can store up to 5 game configuration files.


There is no difference in appearance between X17 and X20, but this is a wired mouse with slightly different internal configuration. Equipped with ARM Cortex-M33 processor and Pixart 3389 sensor, the highest 16000dpi, 400 IPS tracking speed, 40G acceleration, the highest return rate of 8000 Hz (0.125 ms). The size of the mouse is the same, the difference is the weight, it is a little bit heavier,which is 128 grams.


The X15 for MMO should not be underestimated. Although it is not a dual range sensor, it uses almost the same configuration as the X17, so I won’t go into details here. In addition, it has a total of 20 buttons, of which there are 10 on the side. Skills can be quickly displayed in the MMO game. Similarly, it also has RGB backlight, and its appearance is also very good.