Family Mart launches new pineapple ice cream from now! With butter pie shell, it will taste even better after biting!


Family Mart launches new pineapple pie ice cream! Must try it!

In order to coincide with the arrival of the Lunar New Year, Family Mart Malaysia will launch the New Year limited Pineapple Tart Sofuto Pineapple Tart Sofuto ice cream from now!


It is not a typical Sofuto ice cream, you will enjoy the creamy, smooth, rich pineapple swirl on the butter pie shell, every bite is super tasty~


It uses Real Buttery Cookie Crust


Pineapple Tart Sofuto Ice Cream is priced at RM3.88 each.

It should be noted that the stock of butter pie shells is limited. If sold out, ordinary ice cream cones or paper cups will be used instead.