Simple recipe about how to cook Bak Kut Tea

Materials: Fresh spareribs, Songfa Bak Kut Tea bag, Old Sauce, garlic, Salt, White Pepper


1. Wash the ribs, put cold boiled water in the pot and put them into the ribs. After boiling, there will be a lot of blood foam. Remove the ribs and rinse with warm water.

2. The right amount of warm water shall be poured into the pot, put in the ribs, the amount of water to cover the ribs, garlic shall be peeled and cut off the roots, do not need to break, it is better to use the whole.

3. Add the right amount of soy sauce, put it into the package and simmer, steam the ribs over medium heat for 25 minutes, and about two hours ,after the cuisine is boiled, you can adjust the time according to your own taste.

4. After boiling, skim off the oil slick, add the right amount of salt and pepper to season.