Fast Installation in 3 Seconds-Xiaomi Ice Cooling Back Clip

High performance means high power consumption. The most intuitive feeling of users is heating. Heating of mobile phones will lead to system lag, unstable signal and affected charging rate.In pursuit of extreme performance, Xiaomi launched an external black technology “icebound cooling back clip”, which Lei Jun likened to a mobile version of the air conditioner. The clip has the features of compact and portable body, plug and play and multi-device universal, which can realize second refrigeration.


The core purpose of the icebound clip is to cool the mobile phone down. The body is built with 5 leaf fans, and the speed is up to 6000 revolutions per minute.


Not only the wind volume is large and the wind is strong, but the noise is very small;The reason is that the internal 5-blade fan uses a customized low-noise fan, with the noise lower than 30dB.


The two ends of the back clip are drawn by spring, the elastic force is very tight;The inner side of the back clip is provided with silicone anti-skid pad, which will not hurt the machine even if the naked machine is worn;It is also quick to install and can be directly stretched on the back of the phone.It can stretch up to 88mm and cover all models within 66-88mm in width.



The back clip’s design is very small, which is only the size of the palm, it is easy to carry out. The appearance looks like a mechanical watch, if you add a wrist strap it can be worn on the wrist;The whole machine is white, the shell is skin-friendly PC material and the touch is comfortable, it is a collection of small body and high appearance level integrated product.


The back clamp is hollow in the four sides. The alloy cooling column inside can be seen from the side.The hot wind produced from both sides and both ends of the discharge, which ensures rapid heat dissipation.


There is a silicone contact surface on the back. Because the silicone is soft, it can effectively prevent the back of the phone from being damaged due to friction


Limited by the internal space of the back clip, the back clip itself does not contain a battery and must be externally powered.The power supply adopts type-C interface, and the input power needs to be greater than 5V-2A. There is a power switch on the side, the indicator light is bright green after opening, and the back clamp begins to dissipate heat.