The future of laptop belongs to Xiaomi! No one can doubt! Mi Notebook Pro X is coming

After many years, Xiaomi finally decided to release a new generation of Mi Notebook Pro. It officially announced in the official Weibo that it will release a high-end flagship-Mi Notebook Pro X in June.

It is said that the device will be equipped with the latest GeForce RTX 3050Ti optical tracking independent display card, which will bring unprecedented graphics performance output capabilities to users.

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X uses a brand-new mold solution, and adopts the top specifications of the same gear on the performance and screen. It is extremely cost-effective and is the best choice for gamers.


A digital blogger exposed a group of suspected Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X running score information.

According to the information, Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro X is equipped with a new generation of Core i7-11375H CPU, equipped with RTX 3050 Ti vertical graphics card, and the performance configuration is the top level of current notebook performance.

It is reported that the i7-11375H processor is a 4-core 8-thread architecture, and its highest Turbo Boost reaches 5GHz.

The single-threaded performance is 15% higher than the 10-generation Core standard pressure, and 9% higher than the 11-generation Core U series. The computing power is quite powerful.


In terms of graphics cards, RTX 3050 Ti has RTX light tracking and DLSS technology. In the current related tests, its performance easily leads Desktop GTX 1650 Ti graphics card by twice as much, and the number of game frames has increased from about 30fps to 60fps.

According to NVIDIA’s official introduction, the RTX 3050 Ti can reach 80fps at medium quality and 1080P resolution in the game “Defeat Moment: Modern Warfare”, and it can also reach 95fps with DLSS turned on.

The previous generation of Mi Notebook Pro was equipped with a super high-specification screen. As the new generation of Mi Notebook Pro X after many years, it will at least be equipped with an OLED master screen with a resolution of more than 2K.

Supports 100% DPI-P3 cinema-level ultra-wide color gamut and 1.07 billion dazzling colors.